Emails ... Laurel Schwulst


Hi :)

In general, I like hearing from people.

But sometimes it's difficult to reply. That's why I'm writing this.

Whether you're writing because you have a project in mind for me, or you're an old student of mine, or you don't know me but want to connect, it would help me if you consider each of these in your email somehow:

How do we know each other? Or how did you find out about me?

If you're writing me and we don't know each other yet, please show that you've done your research on me. In order for me to best connect with you, it's helpful to know your specific interests in my work. I don't need overflowing praise; I just need clear specifics—a sentence or two would be great. If we already know each other, let me know why you're writing now.

I receive a lot of emails. It would help me so much if you phrased your email in a way considerate of my time. Ideally I could reply in one minute or less.

Here are my emails.

If you have a business query or you are one of my past students:

If you want to write me in general:

Thanks for thoughtfully considering your email.



p.s. This was inspired by Philip Guo's policy on cold emailing — Link